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Providence Christian Church on a Mission

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Gifting of Bible signed by mission team members

Mr. Denton receives the Bible signed by all mission team members.Team members laid hands on the new home and offered prayers of blessing.

Bargersville,  Seventeen members of Providence Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Bargersville, completed a mission trip to Jamaica from July 3 – 10.  Mark Boehnlein, youth pastor, and his wife, Roni, were mission leaders for the 12 youth and 5 adults who went on the trip.  The team worked out of the beautiful CSI Ministries Mission Guest House in Highgate, St. Mary Parish, Jamaica. 

The team divided into two work teams and had four mission assignments.  The workers built a home up in the Blue Mountains for Mr. Denton, who worked alongside the group.  When the  house was completed, all team members and missionaries joined with neighbors at the house for a spiritually moving dedication.  In addition to the keys to the house, Mr. Denton received a Bible and craft items for his  home.  The service concluded with everyone laying hands on the house and prayers of blessing were spoken. 

The missionaries also helped CSI Jamaican workers in the building of a block and stucco farm depot.  Shelly Smith, adult team member, supervised the Providence workers on this project, which is part of the new R.A.I.S.E. (Restoring Agriculture and Investing in Sustainable Enterprise).  This project is turning 193 new CSI acres into teaching Jamaicans how to sustain themselves into crop production, poultry, green house industries, aquaculture, and other trades.  A university and also a technical institute will be putting campus extensions on the grounds.

Laying of hands on newly built house

Team members laid hands on the new home and offered prayers of blessing.

The Disciples also gained experience clearing brush from the rich jungle acres using machetes for use in sustainable farming.  The final project was a half day spent painting at an office complex on the mission grounds.

The team also experienced swimming at Jack’s Bay Beach, an afternoon and evening on Greencastle Plantation, an evening in Highgate for local ice cream and a tour of the Clonmel Potters.

CSI Ministries has international headquarters in Muncie, Indiana.  Ronn Oren, former pastor at Trafalgar Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is the Executive Director.  In the past two decades, CSI has built around 600 small homes for Jamaicans.

Submitted by Steven Sorensen, Senior Pastor of Providence Christian Church


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July 29, 2010 at 4:03 pm

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