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Regional Board Approves Manna Journey

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At its June meeting, the Regional Board entered into partnership with Rebecca Hale to work with the Indiana Region in its next steps toward transformation. Hale, who currently serves as the Transitional Regional Minister for the Florida Region, has done similar work with the regions of Tennessee and the Northwest. Hale has helped each of those regions move into a new era of its life with fresh and focused understandings of ministry and mission.

Hale will be working with the Manna Team, a group appointed by regional moderator Pamela Ditson-McCall and approved by the regional board. With coaching from Hale, the Manna Team will guide conversations across the region to help us discern the shifting landscape of our ministry together and develop ways of living into that new call. She has met with the team twice, laying out groundwork for the journey.

Hale will also be at the region’s October Assembly, working with the Manna Team to organize a clergy luncheon and introducing the regional transformation process to the region’s ministers. That luncheon is scheduled for noon on October 1 at Allisonville Christian Church. She will also attend the Assembly on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Goals for the transformational process include:

  • Recognizing the Context of Regional Ministry (developing a shared understanding of the realities of our own ministry context and how it is we are called to be regional church in that context);
  • Understanding God’s Vision for Us (discerning the ministry and mission to which God calls us and our responsiveness to the Spirit’s leading into new ways of being church);
  • Organizing for Mission (making decisions about how to live into our vision for the next 5-10 years);
  • Equipping with Resources (name the needed resources to equip leaders and align resources with the vision);
  • Strengthening Relationships (strengthen relationships between Disciples across the region for engagement in mission), and
  • Spiritual Formation (better center our lives in Christ to receive the transformative power of God’s Spirit, helping to cultivate a new spiritual culture and regional community).

Members of the Manna Team include: Susan Deverall (chair), Mark Calvert-Rosenberger, Mark Poindexter, Alan Terlep, David Vargas, Jr., Monique Spells, Danny Hargrove and Elizabeth Young.

Rick Spleth and Carolyn Reed will meet with the Manna Team as partners in the process as well as links with the regional staff. At the same time, staff members are continuing to discern how they will adapt their leadership to changing ministry realities.


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July 7, 2010 at 1:58 pm

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