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Great Communion Brings Disciples, Baptists Together

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On World Wide Communion Sunday, Disciples congregations were encouraged to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Declaration and Address. This historic document sets forth the principles and distinctions of the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ.

In preparation for their observance, Monticello Christian Church researched the worship styles of 1809 and with denominational input was able to reproduce Thomas and Alexander Campbell’s worship service from that era. The Chancel Choir sang a song written by Barton W. Stone, using several different tunes illustrating the versatility of the music and message.

The Elders of the Monticello church led the three morning worship services in accordance with Campbell’s directions for proper worship. All of the songs sung in the services were written around the time period of 1809 with the exception of “Bringing in the Sheaves” written in 1874 by an Indiana Disciples pastor, Rev. Knowles Shaw. The sermon focused on the foundational principles of the Restoration Movement and how they are lived out in the life of the church today.

As a result of the service and the call to Christian unity represented in the Declaration and Address, the Elders of the Monticello Christian Church conducted a Sunday evening prayer service at the future site of the Twin Lakes Baptist Church (S.B.C.).

Seeking Christian unity, the Elders and members of the congregation from Monticello Christian met in the partially built construction of the Twin Lakes builidng along with the leaders and members of that congregation. After a time of singing, Rev. Chris Dodson, senior minister to Monticello Christian, presented the purpose of the meeting and the Scriptural mandate to bring people to the full knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The two congregations then formed a large circle in the future sanctuary and held a time of prayer for the future ministries of both Twin Lakes Baptist and Monticello Christian.

Both churches are experiencing phenomenal growth and reiterated their desire to work together and not in competition with each other. Pastor Ross Terry of the Twin Lakes Baptist Church said, “In over 40 years of pastoral ministry, as I have led numerous churches in building projects, I have never had another congregation come and pray for us in our building project and future ministry.”

On a cold Sunday night in October, the members of the Monticello Christian Church illustrated the truth that “We are not the only Christians, but Christians only.”


Written by ccindiananews

November 23, 2009 at 4:49 pm

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