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Youth, Young Adults Share Mission Experiences

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Youth and young adult groups from Central Christian Church in Lebanon combined to carry out three mission trips this summer.

Chi Rho youth from Central Christian in Lebanon bring down the walls of a house being razed in Neon, Ky.

Chi Rho youth from Central Christian in Lebanon bring down the walls of a house being razed in Neon, Ky.

A group of Chi Rho youth and their sponsors, 16 people in all, traveled to Neon, a community in southeastern Kentucky, from June 14 to June 20.  While there, the group worked with HOMES (Housing Oriented Ministries Established for Service), a non-profit organization that builds and repairs houses for low income families living the Neon area.

The group’s task for the week was to demolish one of two houses in such bad repair that they were creating a health and safety issue for the surrounding neighbors.  It was the hope of the HOMES staff that after the two homes were demolished and the lots were cleared that the town would use the ground for a community playground.

What at first seemed to be an overwhelming task was accomplished as the group’s skills, confidence and determination increased.  By the end of the week, the youth had made so much progress that they were split into two groups, with one group returning to finish work on the house and another group assigned to help pour footers for a new home being built.

A group of 13 CYF youth and sponsors traveled to Murfreesboro, Tenn., to work from June 21-27.  Hosted by First Presbyterian Church, the group spent the week working on a Habitat for Humanity build.  Although it was was first Habitat build for most of the group, they worked diligently with the Habitat staff and local volunteers to take a house from a slab foundation to locked with windows and doors in less than five days.  The workers from Central even had time to share an evening meal with their sister congregation, Central Christian Church, in Murfreesboro.

Then, during the week of August 2-8, seven young adults traveled to Kent County, Mich., near Grand Rapids, to work with Habitat for Humanity there.  Hosted by Wyoming Park United Methodist Church, the group spent its first day working at the Habitat ReStore, where local builders and stores can donate surplus building and decorating supplies.

The rest of the week they worked at two houses being renovated for Habitat-qualifying families. These are houses that are too good to tear down and just need some TLC to once again be livable and bring pride to the neighborhood. Most of the work involved preparing and painting walls and woodwork, doing small repairs to windows and doors, cleaning, and helping make lists of those things that still need to be completed.

The youth and young adults of Central Christian Church, Lebanon, demonstrated their ability to rise to a challenge and their commitment to giving of themselves to benefit others.


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October 8, 2009 at 4:11 pm

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