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Connersville Church Receives FEMA Grant

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Central Christian Church in Connersville received $10,000 from a FEMA grant that the church will be using to help keep people in their homes during the year.

The church had already responded to needs in its community, which has struggled economically for several years. During his interim ministry with the church, Dick Moore provided a portion of his own salary to be given to people who called for help. Fred and Georgia Lucas, members of the congregation, fielded calls and helped people.

After the arrival of Alan Terlep as senior minister, the board voted in January to provide $1,500 for this program.

Three months later, the church has helped dozens of people with rent, utilities, and other basic needs, and the gifts of congregation members have covered the full cost of the program so far. In addition to providing financial assistance, the church has followed up with recipients to make sure that they are able to find more long-term stability.

They have also been able to offer spiritual and emotional support. As a result, Central Christian is establishing long-term relationships and seeing some of the people they have helped in church.

The church applied for $9,000 after discovering that FEMA had a program to provide money for such emergency needs. Sandy Peters, the church’s newest member, put together the application.

When the funding committee received the report and saw the congregation’s commitment to provide long-term support for people to stem off the need for emergency help on an extended basis, FEMA decided to give the church more money than requested.

Central Christian is now recruiting a team of people to provide assistance, follow up, and address any spiritual and physical needs.

Pastor Alan Terlep notes that these emergency funding programs exist in every county. Churches interested in launching a similar program can call Central Christian Church for more information.


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May 20, 2009 at 9:00 am

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