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First Quarter DMF Up in Indiana, Down Churchwide

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Indiana Disciples congregations are giving to Disciples Mission Fund at a pace 6.5% above the same period last year.  For the first quarter of 2009, Indiana’s Disciples gave $249,462 to DMF. Compared with the $234,259 given in the first quarter of 2008, that represents a 6.5% increase.

Under the current funding agreement, just over 40% of those offerings, or $100,156, come back to the region for its mission and ministry. 

The churchwide data, however, do not reflect as positive a picture.  Across the church, offerings to Disciples Mission Fund are down 5.5% compared to the first quarter of 2008.  The Northern California-Nevada region saw in increase of over $100,000 in the first quarter.  If that extraordinary increase is excluded, offerings are down 9%.

Northern California-Nevada and Indiana are two of nine regions that saw an increase of 5% or more.  Four regions’ offerings were relatively stable, neither decreasing nor increasing more than 5%.  The remaining 20 regions experienced decreases of more than 5%.  Eight of those regions saw decreases of more than 20%.

Due to current market conditions, distributions to Disciples Mission Fund from the Christian Church Foundation are down 23.6%.  However, these distributions represent only 1.5% of the total income to DMF.  More that 97% of the support for general units and regions from Disciples Mission Fund is received from congregations and Disciples Women.

More information about Disciples Mission Fund and the current funding system is available on the DMF web site.


Written by ccindiananews

April 30, 2009 at 7:58 am

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